A Message from the Executive Director

  The Constancy of Change Over the coming months Mama’s Kitchen will be exploring, implementing, and evaluating change. Some of the things in our hopper: On July 1, 2017, for one year, we will be piloting an expansion of our age limit for clients with cancer – from age 60 to age 65. This is… Read the full article »

A Message from the Executive Director – Winter 2017

Our experience at Mama’s Kitchen during the holiday season is an affirming one. It’s one that leaves us feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the expressions of generosity witnessed at this time: Food drives that support Mama’s Pantry; Financial gifts that support all of Mama’s services; and Volunteers that are eager to support the… Read the full article »

A Message from the Executive Director – Fall 2016

The absence of a consistent source of nutritious food triggers the vicious cycle of poor nutrition, worsening health, increased healthcare costs, increased poverty, and a less happy life. The nutrition services provided by Mama’s Kitchen can actually improve the lives for our clients with HIV or cancer. They are more likely to live independently, better… Read the full article »


Mama’s Kitchen Inc. JOB ANNOUNCEMENT Job Title:         Director of Development Reports to:      Executive Director Status:             Full-time, Exempt Mama’s Kitchen is a nonprofit organization that believes that everyone is entitled to the basic necessity of life: nutritious food.  As a community driven organization, Mama’s Kitchen provides nutrition support to men, women, and children affected by… Read the full article »

A Message from The Executive Director — Summer 2016

These are trying times. In recent weeks alone we have been made aware of acts of violence in Orlando, Dallas, Istanbul, St.Paul, Dhaka, Baton Rouge, and Nice. Let us also acknowledge the many more acts of violence not shared in our media outlets. In these times of violence, conflict, and division, we must encourage and… Read the full article »

Advances against HIV made, but there’s more to do

By Alberto Cortés, Executive Director of Mama’s Kitchen This article originally appeared in the San Diego Union Tribune Nov. 27, 2015  An estimated 1.2 million people are living with HIV in the United States. We know that as a result of advances in treatment in the form of effective antiretroviral therapy, life expectancy of people… Read the full article »

Letter from the Executive Director – Spring 2016

We celebrate. We evolve. We serve. Mama’s Kitchen delivered its eight millionth meal on March 30, 2016. In doing so we celebrate the tens of thousands of lives touched with a message of love and caring; and we acknowledge the supporters that made this milestone possible. It took millions of miles traveled to deliver those… Read the full article »

A Message from the Executive Director

The year 2015 was full of accomplishment for Mama’s Kitchen. Our senior management team had the opportunity to step into the role of leading the organization (with much support from the board of directors) during a Fieldstone Foundation funded three-month sabbatical that I took between January and April, 2015. After thoughtful consideration, the board of… Read the full article »