Mama's Kitchen founder, Laurie LeonardMama’s Kitchen was established in 1990 by a San Diego caregiver who enlisted volunteers to help prepare and deliver free meals to a few neighbors who were sick with AIDS and unable to get to the grocery store or cook food. During a time when little was known about this vicious disease, a caring community came together to ensure that those suffering were given a chance at life and were able to receive one of their most basic rights – the right to nutritious food. Since then, Mama’s Kitchen has grown into a service that provides three meals a day, free of charge, to our neighbors across San Diego County who are struggling with HIV/AIDS or cancer, and their dependent children.

Since our beginning, Mama’s Kitchen has continuously evolved, responding to the needs of our community. In 2004, we opened a food pantry for low-income HIV positive residents. In 2006, Mama’s Kitchen expanded its mission to include meal ChickenSoupBillboarddelivery to those affected by cancer. Recently, our organization has hosted nutrition education workshops, provided emergency food assistance, and offered medical nutrition therapy to the community.

Through our services, we are able to provide food, compassion and hope to over 1,300 people annually. In our 27 years of service, Mama’s Kitchen has delivered over eight million meals. We have never turned away a client eligible for our services – and we are determined that we never will.