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Home Delivered Hot Meal Service

IMG_0415-smallOur home delivered hot meal service provides 100% nutrition to individuals affected by HIV Symptomatic/AIDS or cancer who are mentally or physically unable to prepare meals as a result of their diagnosis.

Clients must be referred to Mama’s Kitchen by their case manager or health care provider to qualify for meal delivery services.

Pantry Service

Mama's Pantry-smOur pantry service provides a once a month shopping opportunity for San Diego County residents affected by HIV/AIDS who are able to prepare meals and whose income is less than $1,500 per month.

No referral is required but clients must provide documentation of their diagnosis, residency and income.

Personal Nutrition Coaching

Proper nutrition is the basis of good health. Mama’s Kitchen offers nutrition coaching that is designed to educate and empower HIV positive individuals to make the best food choices.

Chef Tim-Nutrition Ed1Mama’s Personal Nutrition Coaching Service serves HIV-positive residents of San Diego County to assist them in managing their diagnosis through proper nutrition. The coaching is provided by our Registered Dietitian, and topics include building a strong immune system, proper cooking, and food safety practices. Contact or call 619-233-6262 ext. 118 for more information.

Our nutrition coaching can help you with:

  • Diet plans to control a medical diagnosis
  • Side effects from diseases or medications
  • Nutrition for wound healing
  • Making healthy food choices on a budget
  • Controlling high blood pressure
  • Blood sugar control
  • Unintentional gain or loss of weight