Host a Virtual Food Drive/Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Sample Social Posts #1
I’m celebrating my birthday for a whole month by giving back to an organization that has meant so much to me! I began volunteering at Mama’s Kitchen when I was laid off at my job due to COVID. It has brought me such joy and purpose to be a part of this organization that is helping critically ill people receive healthy meals and snacks, seven days a week, all for free! Let’s keep this critical service going! Join me in donating to Mama’s Kitchen, because I believe we should all have access to healthy food. Any amount is a true gift not only to me but for the people we’re helping together.

Sample Social Posts #2
Friends! I’m running my half-marathon with purpose by fundraising for Mama’s Kitchen. I’m so excited to raise support for our neighbors who need healthy home delivered meals to feel better. Join me in donating this month. It’s the best way to help people battling HIV, cancer, diabetes, and other critical illnesses. When you make your donation, keep in mind one meal costs approximately $2.50. That’s two meals for every one cup of fancy coffee. Click here to donate, and click here to learn more about Mama’s Kitchen.

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Sample Email
Subject: Because everyone deserves healthy food!

Dear <<Supporter’s Name>>,

This [length of campaign, week, month, etc.] I am running my Iron Man race to bring awareness to people who are ill and need access to healthy food. Mama’s Kitchen has been serving my neighbor Don for the last year and I’ve witnessed his health and disposition improve dramatically. This organization home delivers healthy meals to critically ill San Diegans who are unable physically or mentally shop or prepare their own food because of their illness.

Would you join me in donating to this vital service? With your help I hope to raise $1,000, which equates to 400 meals for our neighbors in need.

Help me reach the finish line to energize my race, but mostly for Don. You can learn more about Mama’s Kitchen here and you can donate to my fundraising page here..

I hope you’ll join me!

My best,

<<Fundraiser Name>>

Sample Fundraising Page “Story”

The “story” section on both Facebook and Virtual Food Drive pages are pre-populated with a message that you can keep or personalize to tell your donors why you’re passionate about Mama’s Kitchen. You can keep the message or share a “story” like this one:

Sample Story:

Did you know Mama’s Kitchen is doing great work in our community?! I discovered them while eating – pie! Every year they put on a huge Thanksgiving bake sale to raise support for their free services. They serve people living with HIV, cancer, diabetes, congestive heart failure, and chronic kidney disease by providing home-delivered meals to more than 1,500 people a year! The meals are designed for people who are unable to shop or prepare their own food due to their illness.

During the month of August, I’m raising $1,000 in honor of my Mom who taught me how to cook and enjoy food. Won’t you join me in sharing the wonderful gift of nutritious meals?

Mama’s Kitchen Statistics

  • In FY 21 Mama’s Kitchen has home-delivered 600,000 meals
  • Mama’s Kitchen served XXXX individuals in FY21
  • Over 1,400 volunteers help Mama’s Kitchen operate. Volunteers gave more than 30,000 hrs of their time
  • Client’s favorite meals include the mahi mahi, *ask Jason.