In 2019, Mama’s Kitchen expanded our mission to serve individuals with Type 2 Diabetes.  The purpose of the pilot is to prove our medically tailored meals (MTM) and an individualized medical nutrition therapy intervention can improve health care outcomes and reduce health care costs in only 6 months.

Program Eligibility

  • Recent AIC level of 8 or higher
  • Hospitalized in the last 12 months
  • Food insecure/ low income
  • Live in San Diego County

Program Exclusion

  • Individuals with advanced kidney disease
  • Persons who are living in a facility that provides more than seven (7) meals per week to residents.
  • Persons with limited physical, cognitive, or behavioral abilities that would interfere with their ability to follow up with a finding as determined by their ability to receive the MTM services and follow up with survey interviews.
  • Persons with anticipated life expectancy of less than a year.
  • Persons with severe food allergies.

 How to refer people

Individuals must be referred by a medical case manager, medical social worker or provider. Additionally, the referral form must be signed by a provider.

More Information

Contact: Kristine Stensberg

Director of Nutrition Services


Mama’s Kitchen, Inc. is a San Diego nonprofit, tax exempt 501(c)3 charity organization.